Computer Store: Deferred Payment Plan

Student Deferment Plan

The NYU Student Deferred Payment Plan offers a no-interest computer loan for up to $3,000 with deposit. The University sponsors the Computer Deferred Payment Program because NYU places such importance on their students having the tools they need for success. This lets you defer payment of a portion of your computer purchase and be billed in equal installments on your bursar's bill -- interest free! To be eligible, you must be enrolled in at least 6 credits for the upcoming semester and can't owe any money from a previous semester (includes summer session).

The Spring 2017 Student Deferred Payment has ended. Fall 2017 applications will become available this summer.


Full–Time Employee Deferment Plan

The NYU Full-Time Employee Deferred Payment Plan offers the opportunity to purchase from the NYU Computer Store computers, software, and peripherals on a deferred-payment basis. Eligible employees are required to make an initial payment towards the total purchase, and can defer up to a maximum of $3,000.  The deferment is repaid through payroll deductions over a period of up to two years, completely interest free.  Eligible employees must sign an agreement authorizing such deductions, and deductions under this plan shall not exceed $250 per pay period for employees paid monthly, $116 per pay period for employees paid biweekly, and $58 per pay period for employees paid weekly.  Purchases that exceed these limits will not be authorized for deferred payment.

Full-time employees who are Administrators (Code 100), Researchers (Code 103), Local 1 Security Officers/Specialists (Code 107 PRG), Sergeant Guards (Code 107 SGT), Laboratory and Technical staff (Code 104) and Office and Clerical staff (Code 106) must have been employed at NYU for a minimum of two years to qualify for the plan.  There is no length of service requirement for full-time faculty (Code 102). Employees must also be in good standing with the University and have sufficient resources to make the payroll deductions in order to be eligible for the deferred Payment Plan.

Please note: Medical College and Medical Hospital staff are not eligible for the Deferred Payment Plan.

Full-Time Employee Deferment Application (PDF)

Personal Order Form (PDF)