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Our hours of operation are:

Monday– Friday 10am – 6pm
Sat. Closed
Sun. Closed

To leave your computer for repair at our Service Center, you must be affiliated with NYU and show your ID when dropping off your computer. We are manufacturer authorized to repair IBM, Dell and Apple computers. To expedite the processing of repairs, we are a carry-in service center. If you need on-site service, you will have to contact another service provider.

If you want to contact the manufacturer directly to handle your repair, their contact information is as follows:

If you decide to drop off your computer with our Service Department, please bring everything necessary to complete your repair. Although we keep the most common parts available for our technicians, many times repairs can be delayed because the customer has not brought in everything we need to complete the repair. So, please bring your power adapter, battery, backup software and any necessary optical or hard drives. If we don’t need it, we will let you know, but at least your repair will not be delayed while we wait for you to bring an item back to us.


All of the equipment we carry comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers failure of the hardware components. A significant number of the problems we encounter are not hardware related and are therefore not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. Software problems or viruses are typical of the problems we see that would not be covered under the warranty.

Some manufacturers, such as IBM and Dell offer an additional warranty service described as accidental protection. This will cover your computer if it is dropped or something is spilled on it. Virtually any hardware problem that could arise is covered as long as the computer is still in your possession.

Some components are considered customer replaceable units. These are components that the manufacturer has deemed replaceable by the customer and therefore they will not pay for a service provider to replace them. Dell has the most extensive list of components classified in this category. Their list includes batteries, memory, drives, etc. If the component you need replaced is a customer replaceable unit, you will be subject to labor fees if we handle the repair.

The NYU Computer Store requires a non-refundable $75 diagnostic fee on all repairs that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. This fee covers the diagnostic services used to determine the cause of your problem. If you choose to have your repair completed by us, the $75 fee will be credited toward the labor on that repair.

Disaster Prevention Practices

As a member of the NYU community you are entitled to use NYU’s corporate license for Symantec AntiVirus. This should be the first piece of software that you install on your computer since viruses have become a prevalent problem. Once you have AntiVirus installed, you should run Live Update regularly. New viruses are appearing daily and this will help your computer combat them, by updating your virus definitions to recognize and eradicate any new viruses. We recommend doing this at least once a week. You cannot do this too often. Viruses can be difficult to eliminate and can reek havoc with your computer.

If your computer did not come with backup CD’s, we recommend creating a backup of all the software that was initially installed on your computer, including the operating system. If there is a problem with your computer that damages your drive or your data, you will need this software copy to get your computer back to normal operation.

Please remember to backup your data files on a regular basis. They represent a significant investment of time and energy on your part. The simple act of backing up to disk, CD, Zip disk or whatever medium you choose will save you endless heartache if something goes wrong with your computer.

Software Problems

In most cases, the easiest way to correct a software problem, is to initialize the drive (wiping out all the contents) and reinstall the operating system. This will bring your computer back to factory specifications, i.e. the way your computer was when you first got it. Our price for this service is $100.

Please understand that when you ask us to perform this service, you will be responsible for reloading all your software, such as Microsoft Office, reloading any drivers that you have installed after your computer was purchased and changing any settings that you may have changed since you purchased your computer. So, if you have installed Office, configured your computer to work on NYU-NET and installed a printer, all this will need to be done again before you can begin using your computer. If you want us to perform these services for you, additional charges will apply.

Data Transfer

We can attempt to backup your data for you. However, please remember that the easiest and least problematic way to handle this is for you to back up your own data on a regular basis. If you bring your computer into us for repair, your data may or may not be retrievable. We are never responsible for your data, nor does any manufacturer’s warranty cover your data.

Our fees for data backup are $125 for the first CD (650MB) and $50 for each additional CD. If we attempt data backup the fee is non-refundable regardless of whether or not we are successful.

If you want us to backup your data, please be prepared to indicate which files or folders you need us to backup. When we backup your data, we are only backing up the data files that you have created. We are not backing up your applications or any settings you may have changed. We will copy the data to a CD or folder on your hard drive but you are responsible for making any further adjustments to your software.