Creating a Coursepack

There are 3 steps you will need to take in order for us to create your custom coursepack:

Step 1 -

Fill out the Coursepack Order Form with COMPLETE citation information. Please provide as much bibliographic information as possible for each item that is to be included in your coursepack. Detailed bibliographic information expedites the permissions process. Incomplete citations may lead to delayed or denied permissions. If you are uncertain as to what information should be included, please contact one of our Coursepack Coordinators.

Step 2 -

Provide clean originals. The quality of the coursepack we print depends upon the quality of the originals you provide. Please provide us with first generation copies when possible. Help us deliver quality coursepacks to your students.

Step 3 -

Submit your Coursepack Order Form along with your originals to the NYU Bookstores.

Please include course information (including course number, term, and expected enrollment) and contact information (both an email address and a telephone number). You may bring your materials to the bookstore or you may submit them to us via campus mail, USPS, UPS, or FedEx

Coursepack Coordinators -

Kimberly Ingram
Telephone: 212-998-4683
Email: ki11@nyu.edu

Andrew Johnson
Telephone: 212-998-4322
Email: andrew.johnson@nyu.edu

NYU Bookstore
726 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
NYU Mail Code: 4111