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Faculty Services: Course Packs

Faculty Information

To request a complete Faculty Information Packet, please call (212) 998-4656.

Custom publishing was created in response to educators’ needs for current and relevant material to supplement or replace traditional classroom materials.

Coursepacks can contain a range of materials including: articles from journals, newspapers, or magazines; chapters from books; business cases from Harvard or other publishers; your original content or class notes; and the course syllabus.

The NYU Bookstores have partnered with XanEdu, a leading provider of customized digital and print coursepacks—to deliver high quality, fully copyright cleared coursepacks.

Why Choose Custom Coursepack Publishing at NYU Bookstores?

  • Guaranteed 100% Copyright Compliant
  • Indemnification for the University and for individual Faculty Members in the event of a Copyright Infringement Claim
  • 3 Delivery Formats: Print, Print+Digital and Digital Only
  • Free Desk Copy for Instructor
  • Pagination Services Available
  • Convenient for Students. Students can obtain their coursepacks along with their traditional materials and even order online for home delivery.

Coursepack Details

Length of Time to Obtain Permissions:

XanEdu has some content in its databases for which permissions are immediately cleared. HBS cases clear right away and an HBS-only coursepack can be on the shelf or delivered to students digitally in as little as 5 business days from the date you submit the request. (Digital-only HBS coursepacks can be delivered even more quickly.)

However, a coursepack can only be completed as quickly as the time it takes to receive the slowest response to a request for permission. That is, because every item in a coursepack must have use-permission granted before the coursepack can be sold, one or two slow responses by copyright holders can delay an entire coursepack.

If it is getting close to the start date for your class and there are items in your coursepack that have not cleared permissions, there are several options available to you. You may remove the item(s) from the coursepack and create a second coursepack that will be sold as a supplement or place the item(s) on reserve in the library.


To assure that course materials will be available for the first day of class, the NYU Bookstores establish a deadline for materials to be turned in to us. We will gladly accept an order for a coursepack after the deadline; however, we cannot guarantee that those materials will be available for the start of classes.

Term Target Dates for Coursepack Materials
Spring First Monday in November
Summer First Monday in April
Fall First Monday in July


Most copyright holders charge royalties when granting permission to reproduce copyrighted materials. The cost of royalty payments varies with the content because each copyright holder determines the amount charged. We will contact you when a royalty payment for an item in your coursepack is unusually high and offer you the option of removing or replacing the item.

Desk Copies:

One free desk copy will be provided for each of the coursepacks we produce for you. You may request additional desk copies and pay for them by supplying us with a University budget number or you may distribute the cost of the additional desk copies across the cost of the students’ coursepacks. In classes with small enrollments, adding the cost of desk copies to the price of the student coursepacks may significantly affect that price.


Students may return a coursepack for a full refund as long as the coursepack is unmarked and the student has proof that they have dropped the class.

Since coursepacks are customized materials, we cannot buy them back at the end of the semester as we do with textbooks.