Why are requisitions required by certain dates?

The NYU Bookstore's core business is the textbook department, which stocks over 8,000 titles and 230,000 books for course use each semester. We provide more titles to our students than any other college bookstore in the country. There is an enormous amount of preparation necessary in order to get ready for the start of classes each semester. The following example illustrates how we prepare for a fall semester and why we ask for book lists when we do.

  • Coursebook requisitions requested from faculty
  • Buyback used books from students from the fall semester
  • Search used book companies for titles being used in the fall semester
  • Order used books from wholesalers and new books from publishers
  • Take books off shelves that will not be used next semester and return to publishers
  • Place coursebook orders for fall based on buyback numbers
  • Obtain copyright permission for coursepacks
July & August
  • Receive 180,000 books and shelve according to course number in preparation for fall semester
  • Report out-of-print and out-of-stock problems to faculty
  • Expedite all new book requisitions

This process is repeated for spring (when we have much less time to prepare between semesters) and for the summer sessions. The more information we have in April, November, and March for the following fall, spring, and summer semesters, respectively, the more money we can give back to our students when they sell back their books and the more accurate our book ordering will be. The entire ordering process is expedited by faxing directly from our computers; researching titles on publishers' web sites; and ordering through PUBNET, an electronic ordering system.

How can I check my Requisition Status?

Faculty may check the status of their requisition by using the online Faculty Coursebook Inquiry (Link to Faculty coursebook inquiry).

You may check your requisition status every semester. You can make sure all your titles have been recorded correctly and see how many we have in the store as well as how many more we have on order. Two weeks before classes begin we give students access to the same information over the web. We want to make sure students are getting the correct materials for their courses when they need them. If you have any questions or concerns we will be glad to address them. Email or call us at E-mail Us wsq.text@nyu.edu, (212) 998-4656.

Where can I get more information on Coursepacks and Copyright Permissions?

Customized coursepacks are growing in popularity as a valuable component of teaching materials. A coursepack contains articles or chapters from previously published sources chosen by the instructor to be a part of his or her teaching plan. The Bookstores must abide by the Copyright Act of 1976 and the jurisdiction of the New York State courts, which requires us to apply for permission for most of the materials included in coursepacks.

If you would like to take part in this program and would like more information, please call our Textbook Buyer at (212) 998-4671.

How do I request a Desk Copy?

The Associate of American Publishers has adopted the following terms to distinguish among different types of book requests:

Desk copy - A book furnished by the publisher without charge for a faculty member's use in a specific course. A complimentary copy previously sent should be considered a desk copy once the book is used in a specific course.

The Association of American Publishers asks that all desk copies be requested directly from the publishers. If you would like a copy of a form that can be used to request your desk copies please visit or call the Textbook Office at (212) 998-4656. They can also provide you with a listing of publishers' addresses.

Complimentary copy - A book sent by the publisher to a faculty member for consideration of adoption. Please note that not all publishers make complimentary copies available. To receive complimentary copies, please write directly to the publisher. Requests must be made on departmental letterhead and must include your position at the University, course title, and projected enrollment.

On-approval copy - A book sent by the publisher to a faculty member, accompanied or followed by an invoice seeking payment or return of the book within a specified adoption period.

Review copy - A book sent by the publisher to a journal, newspaper, or other periodical to be used for the eventual writing of a review.

How can I apply for a Personal Charge Account?

The NYU Bookstore will establish a charge account for the personal use of faculty and administrators. This service is especially useful if publishers delay sending your desk copies. In this case, you may charge a book from the store, keep it in mint (resaleable) condition, then return it for credit to your account when your desk copy arrives. To open an account, simply bring your NYU ID to the bookstore and see an Accounting representative on the Mezzanine level. If you have a question about opening a personal charge account, send an email to the Accounting Department. You may charge any item in the store and receive the 15% NYU employee discount on most items.