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The NYU Bookstores is proud to provide customers with the opportunity to help preserve the environment. Each year the Bookstore uses over 300,000 plastic bags of varying sizes* and together we can better preserve the environment by reducing our plastic bag consumption. Plastic bags can have a significant impact on the environment. They clutter landfills, clog roadside drains and choke marine and wildlife animals who mistake plastic bags for food.


Here's how we can work together to reduce plastic bag usage -


Refuse a plastic bag -

With each purchase made at the Bookstore, customers will have the opportunity to refuse a plastic bag and in turn the Bookstore will donate the average cost of a bag (5 cents) to one of four designated non-profit environmentally friendly organizations.

How it works -

  • All of the NYU Bookstores are equipped with Sustainability Fixtures in the front of store.
  • At the check out counter each customer is asked if they would like a bag with their purchase.
  • If the customer replies 'yes', they are given a plastic bag. 
  • If the customer replies 'no', they are given a 5 cent wooden token.
  • The customer then places the token in the Sustainability Fixture for the environmentally friendly organization of their choice.

Non-Profit Organizations -

The Sustainability Fixture featured in the front of the store allows customers to choose from one of these four environmentally friendly organizations to place their donation -

NYU Green

New Yorkers For Parks

National Wildlife Federation


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