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Here's how we can work together to reduce plastic bag usage -


Refuse a plastic bag -

With each purchase made at the Bookstore, customers will have the opportunity to refuse a plastic bag and in turn the Bookstore will donate the average cost of a bag (5 cents) to one of four designated non-profit environmentally friendly organizations.

How it works -

  • All of the NYU Bookstores are equipped with Sustainability Fixtures in the front of store.
  • At the check out counter each customer is asked if they would like a bag with their purchase.
  • If the customer replies 'yes', they are given a plastic bag. 
  • If the customer replies 'no', they are given a 5 cent wooden token.
  • The customer then places the token in the Sustainability Fixture for the environmentally friendly organization of their choice.

Non-Profit Organizations -

The Sustainability Fixture featured in the front of the store allows customers to choose from one of these four environmentally friendly organizations to place their donation -

NYU Green

New Yorkers For Parks

National Wildlife Federation



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