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Anne Carson

Knopf Doubleday, October 2016; Hardcover, 272pp, 9781101946848

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Instead of purchasing, you can now rent many of your textbooks both in-store or online. The bookstore is partnering with two of the largest book rental companies in the country to offer these services to NYU students.




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Textbooks thatare available for in-store rental will have a green sticker on the shelf tag. After selecting the textbooks you would like torent, you should proceed to the rental kiosks located opposite the cash registers. The rental kiosks require your NYU N-number, e-mail address and credit card for payment.

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We offer a select group of titles in digital formats that can be obtained on a subscription basis. eBooks powered by CourseSmart have the same content as print books, including page numbers for following assignments, have search functions to locate topics, work on a PC or MAC, and have highlight, note-taking and print tools. Most jumpbooks and CourseSmart eBooks are offered on a one semester subscription basis.


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You can purchase your jump eBook on-line with your traditional print books. Your jumpbook eBook will show up as a choice in your search results and will have a ".JB" after the ISBN number . Choose that version to get your jumpbook eBook and a key-code will be e-mailed to you by the next business day with instructions on how to activate it.

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We have been invited to participate in a pilot program for delivery of digital books for colleges & universities. You can browse our selection of authors from Aristotle to Kafka to Wilde. The book downloads are free as is the readers software. Give it a shot and then give us some feedback.

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