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Liberal Studies

The Digital Gardner’s Art Through the Ages etext w/ MindTap is required for Cultural Foundations I (fall); students continue to use the text in Cultural Foundations II (spring) and, during sophomore year, Cultural Foundations III.  Portions of the text may be assigned in other Liberal Studies courses as well.

Students at the New York Campus and LS Freshman Year Abroad sites buy the electronic edition of the text with MindTap.  Purchase of the e-text with MindTap allows access to the content for three courses.  Access to the content will be through the NYU Classes site for this course.  By accessing MindTap through NYU Classes, NYU is providing your first name, last name, and email address.  This is the same information that would be collected if MindTap was accessed outside of NYU Classes.  Initial access to MindTap will need to occur through NYU Classes.  Subsequent access can occur via CengageBrain and the MindTap Moble App.  If you prefer NYU not to share your information you will have the opportunity to access the content directly after you have purchased you access code.

What is MindTap?
MindTap is an adaptive learning tool designed to help you master the material.  Interactive videos, animations, and activities create a learning path designed by your instructor to guide you through the course and focus on what is important.
For more information on MindTap click here:  >> Mindtap-brief-user-guide.pdf

For information on how to redeem your access code click here >> NYU Classes Student Registration Instructions.pdf

Please use the link below to purchase your access code.  When you have completed your order you will receive an email confirmation followed by a second email that will contain your access code.

Order Now - ISBN: 9781305947481