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Lippincott’s DocuCare for NYU Nursing Students

Fall 2013

The purchase of Docucare is required for all students entering Adult and Elder 1 and must be purchased before your first day of clinical. Docucare is a web-based Electronic Healthcare Record system that is used to access patient's medical information such as laboratory test, medication record, medical history, and healthcare provider orders. Students will also use Docucare to document the care they provide to their on-campus and off-campus patients. Students who are in the accelerated program will need to purchase the 18 month license and traditional students will need to purchase the 24 month license. Once you complete your order you receive an email confirmation followed within 15-30 minutes by a second email containing your Docucare access code. If you have any additional questions regarding your Docucare purchase, please email the Clinical Simulation learning center at

For more information on Lippincott’s DocuCare:

»Download the Student User Guide

»View the orientation video

If you are an Adult and Elder 1 Accelerated student please purchase DocuCare 18 Month Digital Access.

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If you are an Adult and Elder 1 Traditional student please purchase DocuCare 24 Month Digital Access.

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After completing your order you will receive an e-mail confirmation followed by a second e-mail containing your access code.