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NYU Authors

The NYU Bookstore is proud to present a sampling of new titles, written by our distinguished faculty. We maintain sections devoted to NYU faculty at all of our locations, carrying over 1,000 NYU authored titles. If you are Full-time faculty and would like to let us know about your new or forthcoming title, please e-mail our book department at E-mail Us



Obfuscation: A User's guide for Privacy and Protest

Finn Brunton

MIT Press, September 2015; Hardcover, 136pp;

$19.95  Order Now



The History of Modern Fashion: From 1850

Daniel James Cole

King Laurence, September 2015; Hardcover, 480pp;

$85.00  Order Now



Keywords in Subversive Film/ Media Aesthics

Robert Stam

Wiley, September 2015; Hardcover, 328pp;

$34.95  Order Now



Soda Politics: Taking on Big Soda (and Winning)

Marion Nestle

Oxford, October 2015; Hardcover, 528pp;

$29.95  Order Now



Question Bridge: Black Males in America

Deborah Willis

Aperture, October 2015; Hardcover, 268pp;

$29.95  Order Now



Pot Luck: Why Marijuana is Today's Medicine

Richard Lewis

CreateSpace Pub., April 2015; Paperback, 214pp;

$13.95  Order Now



Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption

Bryan Stevenson

Random House, August 2015; Paperback, 368pp;

$16.00  Order Now



Virtual Unreality: The New Era of Digital Deception

Charles Seife

Penguin Publishing, August 2015; Hardcover, 256pp;

$16.00  Order Now



Shock Treatment: Expanded 25th Anniversary

Karen Finley

City Lights Books, November 2015; Paperback, 176pp;

$15.95  Order Now



Kissinger's Shadow

Greg Grandin

Holt, Henry & Co., August 2015; Hardcover, 288pp;

$28.00  Order Now